Creating A Better Version Of Yourself

better person

No matter what you’ve gone through, you deserve better. No matter what you’ve done, you deserve better. No matter who you are, you deserve better.

Even more so, you deserve a second chance – to live happily.

And that chance? It’s creating a better version of yourself.

Here are some ways:

Learn how to forgive. Learn how to ask for forgiveness.

Creating a better version of yourself starts with no one else – but you. It also doesn’t start by forgetting those who hurt you nor by forgetting those you’ve hurt. It starts by forgiving other people for hurting you. It starts by forgiving yourself for hurting other people. Most of all, it starts by asking for forgiveness – not just to the people you’ve hurt, but also to Him.

Listen with the intent to understand. Not with the intent to respond.

Sometimes, all we need is someone who can listen to us – without any judgments, without any reprimands. The same goes for other people. Listen with your heart. Listen with your mind. Listen with your soul. Because in the end, it will all come down to your presence – by simply being there, listening with understanding and empathy.

Accept people for who they are. Everyone deserves to be respected.

No matter who they are, you should accept people for they are – including their strength and their weaknesses. No matter who they are, everyone deserves to be respected – including their values and their beliefs. People should not let anyone change them, just for others to accept them. People should also not let anyone strike them, just for others to respect them.

What do you think about this blog post? Are you looking to be a better person now? Or are you a better person now?

Do you know any other ways to create a better version of yourself? Share your ideas with us on the comments section below!